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Power of Prudential


The Prudential name has stood for strength, stability and integrity for over one hundred years. Today the Prudential Real Estate Network leverages the Rock Solid reputation of Prudential through more than 1,600 offices and 50,000 real estate professionals throughout North America.

  • Brand History-Prudential Insurance Co. of America was founded in 1875
  • Brand Logo-Marketed since 1896
  • Brand Recognition-Recognized by more than 96% of Americans
  • Brand Impressions-84 billion annually
  • Brand Strength-Prudential manages more than $200 billion in assets
  • Brand Quality-Prudential Real Estate is highest in customer satisfaction


Prudential invests millions of dollars each year to generate positive consumer awareness, recall, and mind-share. In addition, Network members take advantage of exciting real estate advertising programs.

  • Multimillion Dollar Brand Advertising Campaign-Television/Radio/Print/Outdoor/Internet
  • Prudential Real Estate Print Advertising Tool Kit- A full catalog of customizable print advertising products.
  • Digital & Camera Ready
  • Prudential Real Estate Television and Radio Commercials- customized for Local Markets
  • Prudential Real Estate Outdoor Advertisements-Customized for Local Markets
  • Wall Street Journal Co-Op Advertising-International Exposure for Property Listings
  • Fine Homes International Magazine and Dream Homes Magazine-distributed throughout North America
  • On-Line Advertising-Microsoft Sidewalk, American Online, Yahoo


Specifically designed to increase profitability by delivering postcards, brochures, newsletters, and other collateral that provide competitive differentiation.

  • Four-Color Postcards
  • Four-Color Listing and Buyer Presentations
  • Target Marketing for Resorts and Fine Homes
  • The Personal Marketing Company Preferred Discounts for custom newsletter and Magazines
  • Fine Homes International Certification Program
  • New Homes Certification Program
  • PRS Easy-Moves magazine
  • Sales Associate Marketing and Promotional Collateral
  • Distinctive Yard Sign
  • Worldwide Internet Exposure-www.prudential.com
  • Approved Supplier Catalog-preferred vendor discounts
  • PRS Employee Real Estate Program (ERP)-Marketing to Prudential's 140,000 active and retired employees


Business units throughout Prudential join together to bring the real estate agents of Prudential Northwest Realty Associates LLC valuable products and services at true savings, increasing buying power and expanding opportunities.

  • Tax-Qualified profit sharing & money purchase plans for associates
  • Long Term Care Insurance
  • Arrive 529 Plan Education Saving Program
  • Prudential Securities Command Account free on charge
  • Financial Planning
  • Stock Transactions with reduced fees
  • Home Equity loans
  • Credit Cards


Custom public relations tools help you build presence in your community.

  • Smart PR: A Practical Guide to Building a Presence in Your Community
  • Annual Prudential Real Estate Fact Sheet
  • Rock Talk - the Newspaper for Prudential Real Estate Professionals
  • Community Outreach:
    • Community Champions-Volunteer Recognition Awards
    • Prudential Spirit of Community Awards
    • Sunshine Kids
    • Sesame Street Lead Away
    • Sesame Street A is for Asthma


Prudential Relocation and Referral Services can help expand your business by bringing customers to you.

  • Prudential Real Estate Affiliate Network - places over 100,000 broker-to-broker referrals annually
  • Prudential Relocation - nearly 900 corporate clients
  • Prudential Referral Services - more than 196,000 transactions in 2001
  • Relocation /Referral Marketing and Collateral Materials
  • PRS Van Lines Express
  • PRS Easy Moves Magazine
  • Affinity Group Programs
  • Client Referral Program


Prudential Northwest Realty Associate LLC's commercial agents can take advantage of a myriad of opportunities to develop and increase their business.

  • Business Strategies Conference
  • Commercial Training
  • CCIM Course Discounts
  • Prudential Commercial Services Network
  • Commercial Advertising
  • Commercial Consulting Services
  • Commercial Services Collateral Kit
  • For further career information contact Carla Vertrees by phone (253) 859-7438, or by e-mail.